Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost in 2023??

Curious about link building costs in 2023? What’s a fair deal when it comes to link building pricing? As one of the World’s leading link building services, we’re in a good position to help break down the different factors and reveal what a good, fair price point is for link building.

The price of link building varies greatly between $100 – $20,000 per month depending on quality and volume. You’ll be better off trying to figure out a price point per link in the long term when judging your costs for link building. Here’s a pretty typical pricing scale for overall link building costs if you’re considering an outsourced link building campaign.

Another popular pricing system setup by link building vendors and agencies is a price dependent on DR (domain rating) or DA (domain authority). It’s an imperfect system, because these are 3rd party metric scores which do not always reflect the true quality of a website. However, it’s a well known fact that people across the industry use these scores as a benchmark system to gauge the quality of website, along with other factors such as organic traffic.
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