Supported browsers and WebGL information

Which browsers displays without any additional actions?

Latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Ya browser

How do I enable WebGL in Safari?

1) Open the Safari browser, open the menu and select Preferences. Then click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window. Check the Show develop menu in menu bar checkbox.

2) Open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL.

3) Refresh

How do I enable WebGL and hardware acceleration in Opera 12?

1) Set opera: config#Enable%20Hardware%20Acceleration value to 1

2) Set opera: config#Enable%20WebGL value to 1

3) Click the save button at the end of the page content

4) Restart Opera

5) Refresh

Why first time loading takes much time?

Because during the first loading all data needs to be downloaded and cached.

3D theme and website size

3D Theme and website takes about 7Mb traffic. Then it loads from cache without any traffic spending.

I see black or white screen at the top of the website with no response

1) Check your internet connection

2) Wait while 1-st time loading

3) Check if your browser supports WebGL

4) Shaders v.2 are not supported by your video card

5) Use contact form to contact us or report a bug